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Allan Savory - How to green the worlds deserts and reverse climate change.
TED talk - Mohamed Hijiri: A simple solution to the upcoming phosphorus crisis
Dr Elaine Ingham - Getting to know your soil

The Sense of Humus

Pete pumping Flux Meters on Berryman property

Taking Brix measures

Setting up cages to measure pasture growth

3 aspects to soil fertility


Synthetic nitrogen destroys soil carbon, undermines soil health

NZ Herald : Urgent need to act on our water supply
The Magic Underground article by Sue Edmonds about Mycorrhizae

SOS: Save our Soils Dr Christine Jones explains the life-giving link between carbon and healthy topsoil

From "The NZ Fertiliser Journal" Autumn 1985
Getting maximum benefit from soil testing Page 1
Getting maximum benefit from soil testing Page 2


Interesting Listening

An interview with Grant and Bernie Weller, inaugural winners of the National Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Why has research that could protect waterways been scrapped?
Pioneering research that was on track to reduce a major pollutant in the country's waterways has been scrapped, in a decision some scientists are describing as mind blowingly disappointing.
Professor of Agri-business at Waikato University, Jacqueline Rowarth talks to Radio NZ

Or to hear an interview with Dr. Arden Anderson, author of Real Medicine, Real Health Click Here

"We have a slug of serious problems in dairying that we didn't have 40 years ago: poor conception rates, calf scours, high milk urea (MU), nitrate leachate and a stink profit margin" Read More.. from Phyllis on the current state of NZ Dairying

Dr Christine Jones 
Interesting Reading
  1. Science in Agriculture
  2. The Anatomy of LIfe and Energy in Agricuture
Both by Dr. Arden Anderson available from Amazon Click Here


Folks, this ain't normal by Joel Salatin available from Amazon or


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