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What will be the change kicker?
May 2017
PW Burton

It was interesting to receive a phone call from a retired economist recently. He rang to say that the point made in my latest article that farmers were not to blame for the practises resulting in environmental degradation, instead fault lay with the advice they received, in his view “hit the nail on the head”.

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"Our pasture is doing really well as compared to when we moved here 4 yrs ago. It used to be the worst looking on the road now quite the opposite, a very rich green and all the stems standing up. All the bare patches have filled in and thatching all but disappeared."

Neil, Taupo April 2017


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Functional Fertiliser(copy)(copy)

Regardless of what is grown, there is a dependency on soil – particularly the humus content, and humus is often referred to as the greatest storehouse of energy on our planet. The more we can do to nourish and improve our soil, the longer we can farm profitably.

Functional Fertiliser is at the forefront of developing products that are beneficial to soil and crop requirements.

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Crop and Stock Health

Farming is the process of converting sunlight to other forms of energy that people are able to either consume or benefit from in some other way. The majority of our farming operations are soil-based. Soils are nothing without microbial activity.
We are only as healthy as the food we eat and a truly healthy soil provides food that results in robust good health.


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Ongoing Monitoring

A range of farming operations has been monitored over a number of years. Information is available on dairy pasture production, beef fattening, commercial tomato cropping, kiwifruit, maize and viticulture.


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